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Free Zone Operations

Free zones in general; It can be defined as the places where the legal and administrative regulations regarding the commercial, financial and economic fields valid in the country are not implemented or partially applied, wider incentives for industrial and commercial activities are recognized and physically separated from the other parts of the country.

The main purposes in the establishment and operation of free zones in the Free Zones Law No. 3218; encouraging export-oriented investment and production, accelerating foreign direct investments and technology entry, directing businesses to export and developing international trade. BSN&CO provides services to its customers in free zones in accordance with the Law No. 3568 on Independent Accounting, Certified Public Accountant and Certified Public Accountant.

• Follow-up of administrative proceedings before the Ministry of Economy, General Directorate of Foreign Capital,
• Following the administrative proceedings before the General Directorate of Free Zones, Foreign Investment and Services,
• Consulting on Foreign Capital Legislation, developments and changes within the scope of Law No. 3568,
• Making national and international investment feasibility,
• Foreign capital company establishments,
• Establishing companies in the free zone,
• Branch establishments of free zone companies,
• Capital increases of companies with foreign capital,
• Mergers with foreign capital,
• Liquidation procedures of companies with foreign capital,
• Divisions of companies with foreign capital,
• Share transfers of companies with foreign capital,
• Transactions pursuant to other TCC Provisions.